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Low-income Americans face great disparity obtaining legal aid

The Internet can open up Access to Justice

Currently, there is no single go-to site that collects relevant quality apps, website links, content, and lists of pro-bono counsel across several categories of justice and jurisdictions.


Search engine sites reveal many single-issue specific advertisements, and links to components of what marginalized individuals need (e.g. information about rights, information about steps to take, pro bono assistance), rather than providing access to range of solution to help fulfill needs. 

The Access to Justice Initiative

Drawing on BLIP achievements, capabilities, and student/alumni work-to-date, we have launched the Access to Justice initiative to "facilitate aid for populations facing adversity" and are syndicating the vision among academics, federal judges, organizations, and foundations active in the arena.

Access to Justice Portal

The curated portal will be a repository for quality- reviewed apps, website links, content, and pro-bono counsel for different categories of justice and jurisdictions. As the initiative evolves, it will provide tools for pro se individuals to create jurisdiction- formatted legal documents. 

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