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BLIP Clinic functions as a modern, technology-oriented law firm.

Since its inception in 2008, BLIP has been training a new generation of lawyers who are well-versed across the spectrum of skills needed to represent emerging tech, Internet, communications, and novel ventures pushing the limits at the intersection of law and technological innovation. The BLIP experience is well-rounded experience both for our students and our clients -- in addition to learning the intricacies of representing start-ups, BLIP students are at the forefront of tech-related policy issues and advocate on behalf of causes and businesses in various legislative, regulatory, and judicial arenas, quite often on issues of first impression that the law has not yet anticipated.


To date, BLIP has helped well more than 1000 clients presenting diverse legal, business, and policy challenges. BLIP accepts clients who require creative legal representation and arguably advance the Internet or digital economy, and for whom expensive legal services would act as a barrier to entry in their respective industries. BLIP has helped clients with incorporation, intellectual property protection, structuring licensing agreements, web documentation, and has also provided litigation support and general legal advice.

Clients are accepted based on the extent to which they provide a good platform for legal training. The clinic endeavors not to presuppose that one client or policy position is more worthy of representation than another client or policy. Nonetheless, BLIP prefers clients who arguably advance the Internet, the digital economy, or intellectual property laws. BLIP only takes on clients who otherwise could not afford private counsel and whose ideas would unlikely evolve into sustainable businesses without its legal support.

When possible, BLIP tries to take on BLS law students and their collaborators pursuing business ventures of their own. This has proven to be worthwhile to both the BLIP students and their client-classmates. BLIP has represented several graduating BLS students and post-graduate students who have decided to take their legal training and create entrepreneurial ventures.


Students accepted into the BLIP Clinic come from diverse backgrounds across the spectrum from engineering and applied sciences to the social sciences and humanities. Many students have had significant work and internship experience in tech, media, or government. All share a passion for law and policy in an Internet-enabled, digital world. BLIP alumni can be found in "big law", boutique firms, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and academia, as well as in-house counsel and as entrepreneurs in their own right.

The BLIP Clinic seeks out students with a demonstrated passion and commitment to become technology-oriented attorneys. A course in corporations, intellectual property, or policy advocacy is an official course prerequisite for taking BLIP. For students interested in working with the patent team, a course in patent law is required. Additionally, students will be well served if they have some background, either through coursework or practical experience, in some of the following areas: Telecommunications, Internet, Copyright, Patent, Trademarks, Trade Secrets, Media Law, Antitrust, Non-Profit, and Administrative law.

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